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Some things folks are saying about Barbara:

“Barbara Garriel possesses a voice that is as rich and sensuous as red velvet. She is the girl-next-door dressed in the finest black leather. Her well-crafted songs reflect a warm and spirited soul who is feisty, flirty, and fun-loving, all at the same time. “

-K. Moran, singer-songwriter, Ct

“Barbara Garriel writes smart, sassy, sexy, and satirical songs that instantly grab the audience… Her songwriting is without clutter and her voice effortlessly carries with it a lightness and joy… Everyone is smiling when Barbara is playing. Her wonderful presence is joyful, confident, and contagious!”

-Joe Iadanza, Host – Green Palate Open Mic, Singer-Songwriter

“Barbara Garriel was an amazing musical find for me. You can’t put Barbara’s style into a stereotyped “box” but you will find a blend of folk, country, and jazz. While you can dance to “Ladies’ Night”, be prepared to be moved by the quiet, “Before You Go”.

-Steve, NY

“Barbara’s naturally soothing, yet “Go Girl” voice generates the perfect tone for songs that keep you going from dawn to dusk.”

-”The Jams” (NY fans)

Some things folks are saying about Ample Patience:

“Barbara Garriel’s CD is very intimate and personal sounding, sassy and assured. A bluesy, rootsy orientation is enhanced by the beautiful and sensitive production by Tom Prasada-Rao and Steve Young, well-known names in the singer-songwriter world. They have captured Barbara’s unpretentious, warm voice perfectly. A good listen.”

-Kenny Edwards, Musician, Singer-Songwriter and Producer

” ‘Ample Patience’ contains Barbara’s award-winning song and has already been turning heads with airplay on folk radio. Her song, “Too Late For That Now,” was a finalist in the John Lennon Songwriting Contest.”

-Erik Balkey – Hudson Harding Music

“A gutsy, gritty, sexy, vibrant mixture of piercingly honest music ranging from Cajun blues to masterfully crafted classic country. From the kickass Cajun of “Too Late For That Now” to the haunting underbelly of forbidden love on “Saturday Night Lady”, to the Nashville hit sound of “Don’t Shut Me In”, Ample Patience is a treasure.”

-Alan Haynes, Singer-Songwriter

“Barbara’s songs are like lemon drops. They’re fun, they’re sweet, with a little bit of an edge that is strangely reminiscent of something from long ago that you’re glad to have back in your life.”

-Stella Davie, Laundry Room Music

“I didn’t know what to expect when I played Barbara Garriel’s new “Ample Patience” on my car CD player, but it only took me a few notes to be hooked! I fell in love with the songs, the music, the arrangements and with the singer!”

-Joe Scalia, Author

“Barbara Garriel says what all women are thinking… only better. She somehow finds that magical combination of words we wish we had “at that moment”. Barbara is saucy, sassy and just plain fun…You can’t help but fall in love with these songs.”

-Linda C., CT

“‘ Ample Patience’ the new CD by singer-songwriter Barbara Garriel is an addictive mix of fourteen solid, thoughtfully crafted original songs that range from blues to country.”

-Ken Krumenacker, Bulldog Productions

“Swinging between the sassy, the sweet, and the sublime, Barbara Garriel’s new CD “Ample Patience” offers the listener a colorful array of well-crafted, infectious tunes. Her writing reaches the heart, her voice is like smooth silk, and her songs hum and snap and swing with energy and authenticity.”

-Amy Soucy, Singer-songwriter

“Barbara Garriel is a very versatile singer and songwriter! Her tracks from “Ample Patience” range from sassy and sultry torch songs, to upbeat and playful “chick- tunes, to mellow ballads and earthy environmental anthems. Barbara sings a song for every mood, and you’ll find yourself singing along with her catchy melodies, and colorful lyrics.”

-Kathleen Bart, author and illustrator

“I still believe “Before You Go” is a masterpiece… one of the best songs I’ve ever heard. It belongs in a hit movie, somewhere!
(Barbara) nailed the big three — great songs, performed well, giving her producers a chance to bring them home, and did they ever! I’ve never heard a better first effort, and probably never will.”

-Mike Harrison, Singer/Songwriter