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Name Price S&H
Ample Patience (music cd) $15.00 $3.00
    Download Singles/Album (MP3)from or iTunes
I Know a Shy Fellow Who Swallowed a Cello
    *Hardcover Book $15.00 $3.00
    *CD (audio book read by author, song,
“Music Detective”)
$6.00 $2.00
    *Hardcover Book and CD $20.00 $3.00
    *Resource and Activity Guide $12.00 $3.00
    *Complete Set – (Hardcover book, CD,
and Resource and Activity Guide)
$30.00 $4.50
Wolves and Their Ways $11.00 $2.00
Endangered Sea Life $11.00 $2.00
Underwater Cities – The Coral Reefs $11.00 $2.00
The Underwater Life of Rivers $11.00 $2.00
    *Set of 4 non-fiction books above $40.00 $4.00
12 Take-Home Thematic Backpacks (sample chapter) $2.00 $1.00

Special Orders – The following books are special order.
Please contact Barbara’s team at:
and use “Special Book Order” in the subject line.

A Guide Dog Comes to Class
Backyard Birds
Balto, The Sled Dog
From a Tree House
Jessie, The Guide Dog
South Korea
The Kittens

“Michael MacGregor Sure Can Snore”,
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